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Some things to know about our ILLUZIO earrings

Some things to know about our ILLUZIO earrings

ILLUZIO earrings are unique. More the result of a creative accident than a planned strategy they are so unique they were granted a utility patent, a rarety for jewelry. The earrings don't require piercing, instead they HOOK inside the lower part of the earwell, much like how a ring on a finger is secured by a knuckle.

ILLUZIO earrings come in a right and left earring that forms with your face and compliments the shape of your ear. 25 years ago we thought these would just be interesting frames for pierced earrings. Little did we know how many people actually would like to not have to use a pierced earring. So we started decorating them and now we have a wonderful and ever changing array of designs, including below the 3 sizes of the original unadorned design.

Unpierced Earrings

Unpierced Earrings

Unadorned ILLUZIO UnpiercedUnadorned ILLUZIO UnpiercedSimple and basic Classics and Widebands. 14K Gold Filled ILLUZIO Unpierced14K Gold Filled ILLUZIO UnpiercedLooking your best in 14K gold filled. Sterling Silver ILLUZIO UnpiercedSterling Silver ILLUZIO UnpiercedLooking your best in sterling silver. 14K Gold Filled & Sterling Silver Mixed ILLUZIO Unpierced14K Gold Filled & Sterling Silver Mixed ILLUZIO UnpiercedLooking your best and adding variety with 14K gold filled and sterling silver combined.
Formal Dress ILLUZIO UnpiercedFormal Dress ILLUZIO UnpiercedDressing up for a formal evening out, or a formal, private evening at home. Casual Dress ILLUZIO UnpiercedCasual Dress ILLUZIO UnpiercedTime to go shopping, a casual evenings, or simply with bluejeans. Business Dress ILLUZIO UnpiercedBusiness Dress ILLUZIO UnpiercedProfessional yet attractive in the office and workplace. Colorful ILLUZIO UnpiercedColorful ILLUZIO UnpiercedMake your entrance bursting with color.
Fun & Outrageous ILLUZIO UnpiercedFun & Outrageous ILLUZIO UnpiercedSurprise your friends and shock your competition. Framing Pierced Ear Studs With ILLUZIOFraming Pierced Ear Studs With ILLUZIOAccent your favorite pearl or diamond stud.


These are unlike any other earrings you've ever worn so we thought you might need a little help to get started. Here's a simple instructional video to help.  Be patient and before long, you'll be a pro.


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